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If something intangible is forgotten, does it cease to exist? Every moment of every day, profound things happen that slip into obscurity simply because we don’t take the time to remember. I have a terrible memory, but hate forgetting. The idea behind this blog is simple: Thoughts, moments, quotes, anything, could be sent here, at any time in the day. I don’t want to forget the world I live in now. And I don’t want you to either.

Either Or

M told me today that if I go to abu Dhabi, he doubts he will be able to wait for me. That he has been thinking, and whenever someone goes away, the couple breaks up. So he has been hanging on too much. And he cant be the only one fighting for us. He said he was done fighting and my decision is my own.
Tonight he told me to remember that while I think that untill I have made a decision, I have both worlds, to him it feels like he has nothing. He said every night he goes to sleep, wondering if he'll have a girlfriend the next day.

I told him I dont think I can stay. What would I be staying for?


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Who am i? Who are you? If truth depends on facts which others can change, and reality is little more than perception... surely a definition of "ME" is, to some extent at least, superfluous? maybe. but then again, maybe not.... I am currently a drama and Radio Journalism student and hope to one day produce and direct music video's.


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