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If something intangible is forgotten, does it cease to exist? Every moment of every day, profound things happen that slip into obscurity simply because we don’t take the time to remember. I have a terrible memory, but hate forgetting. The idea behind this blog is simple: Thoughts, moments, quotes, anything, could be sent here, at any time in the day. I don’t want to forget the world I live in now. And I don’t want you to either.
12:09 PM
A woman wants to be wanted, so we always take them back, always take them back. But nothing changes. - ubu and the truth commission. William kentridge
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12:04 PM
In all iv learned "nothing is the most we own" - faustus by william kentridge
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4:08 AM
"not all truths are meant for all people" Umberto echo (the name of the rose)
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Who am i? Who are you? If truth depends on facts which others can change, and reality is little more than perception... surely a definition of "ME" is, to some extent at least, superfluous? maybe. but then again, maybe not.... I am currently a drama and Radio Journalism student and hope to one day produce and direct music video's.


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